1. One of the sexiest, if not the sexiest woman in the world.

  2. I’d love to “meat” her.

  3. Spandex approved, now to meet her and give her the spackle stamp of approval….

  4. Ms. Beckinsale’s got the shapeliest legs in the biz. See ladies and gents? When you go to the gym, don’t ignore those legs. Make today your squat day.

  5. anonymous

    Can’t recall that last movie that she’s been in where she wasn’t a vampire.

  6. There is nothing I can say bad about that ass, absolutely nothing.

  7. cc

    Can’t she do the decent thing and get a really low car? Fuck this suv shit.

  8. “What face? Here’s my ass”

  9. She is so yummy.

  10. uhm


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