1. JimBB

    I was really looking for something that will explode into a giant fireball after I flip it several times in a high speed chase.

  2. “Dat trunk is big enough to hide a chubby Latina maid. I’ll take 5.”

  3. But is it big enough to hold the next maid that can’t keep her mouth shut?

  4. cc

    Yes, just put her in the trunk and bring her back across the border at El Paso. I’m not getting stuck with another kid.

  5. ” Ok stuff the maid in the trunck and call the temp agency, get another maid in my bedroom STAT! “

  6. I’ll be in the back

  7. Sighhh…one of the early signs of dementia is getting confused when out looking for something with some ‘junk in the trunk’.

  8. The Pope

    “Wait…I’m a millionaire, why the fuck am I looking a bunch of Dodge’s?”

  9. “No, aye need eet to hold aht least foah hook-ahs.”

  10. “I’ll take black.”

  11. datz notta toomah.

  12. “Sully! Remember when I told to I’d kill you la-…where did he go?”

  13. “Get your ass two cars ! “

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