1. JimBB

    The qualities that are cute in a kid are often grotesque in an adult.

  2. This is just unfortunate.

  3. Ginger Failed

    Bobbleheads never really resemble the subject.

  4. I have never seen someone look so uncomfortable in their own body before.

  5. It’s like an orange on a toothpick. He probably cries himself to sleep on his giant pillow.

  6. = Chris Farley’s estranged love child

  7. Dick Nose

    Unfortunately I no longer see dead people …Only carbs

  8. What’s the under/over the amount of times he’s had “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!” shouted at him?

    Im guessing at least 3,000.

  9. Chaz

    I see fat people.

  10. anonymous

    His arms are so short I’m surprised his hands actually reach his pants pockets.

  11. Margaret


  12. Plot twist: He was fat all along!

  13. Just roll some Krispy Kremes in the fryer and he’ll squeal .

  14. cc

    How can you be that size and still get a suit that’s too small? Shop at Gymboree?

  15. Did Haley Joel Osment come here to down-thumb all these comments?!

  16. Slappy Magoo

    So they let Employees of the Month at San Antonio Dodge/Plymouth attend movie premieres now?

  17. He unfortunately looks like one of the film’s characters.

  18. Chris

    That’s actually John Travolta wearing a Haley Joel Osment suit.

  19. lawn

    He looks like a young John Belushi without the refinement.

  20. Joe Blow

    Yeah, most times you can’t hear ‘em talk, other times you can
    All the same old cliches, is it woman, is it man
    And you always seem outnumbered, you don’t dare make a stand


  22. SandyCC

    This dimension’s Haley Joel Osment continues his rampage, eating every other dimenstions’ Haley Joel Osment one by one.

  23. This kid aged like a wheel of cheese behind a radiator.

  24. Jill

    I think he’s just dug deep into the back of his closet and dusted off the same suit he wore to the Sixth Sense premiere. Tragic.

  25. Now I’m just too sad to make a funny comment.

  26. This is what lack of demand can do to people.

  27. Dick Thunder:brain doctor

    “Lemme take inventory here.. Kit Kat.. Reese’s cup..Twix..toot…aaaand that’s not a tootsie roll,”

  28. aasd

    cute kid, ugly adult

    ugly kid, cute adult

    Remember this rule at all times, folks.

  29. EruditeHobo

    When did Tyrion Lannister start attending movie premieres?

  30. JoJojojojoj

    It’s so creepy, like someone photoshopped young Haley’s face over a picture of Jack Black…badly.

  31. I see…doctors. Cardiologist on Monday, dietitian on Tuesday…

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