1. JimBB

    At the Chateau Marmont, we have convenient walls located throughout the hotel for you to lean against when you’re too messed up to drive but not quite messed up enough to OD in your room.

  2. donkeylicks

    Very clever Gaius Baltar but I’m on to you and your robot/god/prophet of god, whatever they were doing in the final episode plot!

  3. Echo5

    No Harlem Shake here! This is the Kanye Swing!

  4. meeps!

    Next time we see him in this pose he will be found in a closet with a snake skin belt around his neck…

  5. Admiring the selection of different drugs on the table and trying to make decision whether to go with cocaine or heroin tonight.

  6. Balthazar Getty hates this time of year. So many offers to dress up as one of the Three Wise Men. And the money is so little, too.

  7. Very funny Ulf, now get me down off this coat hook.

  8. They call this condition junklexia.

  9. .No one remembers who he is so he just stands in the corner moping with his disposable camera.

  10. Jenn

    Is this Chateau place the only hangout for these people? Someone should open another for them, complete with hidden cameras hooked straight up to the internet. “See drunken celebs in their natural habitat tonight on Whine TV!”

  11. Voice of Reisling

    The job offer said “STUD WANTED.”

    Balthazar didn’t realize it was just to help hold up the wall.

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