1. JimBB

    The doll is less fake than his hair.

  2. dim 'n tonic

    Dr. Oz is sooo gross. Why is he popular?

  3. CK

    He’s a twink, right?

    Seriously someone confirm.

  4. * whispers “Who does your work”

  5. donkeylicks

    Boy, this guy is a regular Danny Choo!

  6. cc

    And here I am with Trailer Park Barbie. It comes with all the material she needs to get her GED while staying at home with her baby.

  7. Is he promoting a knocked up trashy Barbie doll because that’s his audience demographic?

  8. And this is one of my 72 virgins promised to me.

  9. fred

    “Oprah touched me right here and told that I could not tell anybody-not even the medical board.”

  10. Nothing good can come from a picture like that.

  11. Mark your calendars: 2023 is the year his Bruce Jenner impression goes god tier.

  12. damn, didn’t recognize him without his scrubs on.

    I love the fact he’s a full grown man and wears scrubs for no real reason on his show.

  13. “Ignore the gay behind the curtain…I am the great and powerful OZ!”

  14. “I stole my precious from the filthy Hobbitses!”

  15. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Dr. Oz gives Tila a few pointers about the unexpected results of her latest sex tape.

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