1. M

    Only question is which one is top?

  2. Fitty, Piers, Piers, Fitty.

  3. This is actually a clip from their new reality show, “Ebony and Ivory.” Fun Fact: Kris Kardashian tried to trademark that name for her future reality show about Khloe and Lamar’s twins, but once they explained to her that science doesn’t really work that way, she relented.

  4. userofalltrades

    Reminiscing about the time they both banged Chelsea Handler at the same time. (It looked like their intertwined hands)

  5. slappy magoo

    “Thanks for keeping me out of prison, man.”
    “I’m not your lawyer, Fitty.”
    “Sorry, y’all look alike to me.”

  6. I assume they’re both lost?

  7. Just RJ

    They’re trying to remake Lethal Weapon? It’s not even 30 years old yet.

  8. tito

    their theme song would be called “ebo-fucking-ny and ivo-fucking-ry”

  9. I think Piers may actually have more street cred than 50 Cent at this point.

  10. Doctor Joystick

    “Looking good Billy Ray!”
    “Feeling good Lewis!”

  11. pumpkin

    Well, it’s official now: Pers Morgan’s got street cred.

  12. Contusion

    Well hello there black man! And how are you today?

  13. Codot

    “Shaking hands with a black man.. let me just make sure my wallet is still in my pocket…”

  14. Uncle Phil

    I wouldn’t think banging Chelsea Handler would elevate him to hero status. Maybe a good wingman, but not a hero.

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