1. EricLr

    Poor guy can’t even work up enough energy to groom himself properly anymore.

  2. Blah

    Justin Bieber really is growing up too fast

  3. If that’s not the face of a broken man, I don’t know what is. The poor guy is ashamed he got caught buying CANDY!!

  4. CrazyBroad

    Dye his hair gray and he could play Michael McDonald in a biopic.

  5. Cock Dr

    I dig that 80′s shag but that facial hair has got to go.

  6. M

    Don’t knock the 80s shag, it’s how many of us were conceived.

  7. Six darts and not one of them hit him? What the fuck?

  8. Michael

    I take it he didn’t change his mind about meeting Brian Orakpo at the pancake social?

  9. Absolutely not his real hair.

  10. Venom

    Still sticking to that hairstyle eh Ben?

  11. “I’m calling the cops on you fucking paparazzi!”
    “ben, that’s not a phone…it’s a pink plastic toy filled with tic tacs”

  12. slappy magoo

    What, is he being followed by Casey Affleck?

  13. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “We can’t get that. How about the dartboard or the science kit?”
    “I want the HAIR BEAAAR!!!”

  14. Are they really expecting that vagrant to pay for all that stuff?

  15. Sono Cri Cri

    The Neanderthal man discovering civilization.

  16. Motorboat Captain

    I used to look depressed with a beard and a tweed jacket carrying a box of dollar store toys next to a velcro dart board in candid photos. Then I took an arrow to the knee.

  17. Is he shoping or does he work there?

  18. It’s not Movember anymore, Ben. There’s no excuse anymore for looking like a child molester.

  19. hmna

    He might be ready for the Serpico remake.

  20. cc

    Give him credit…he’s dressed like an actual adult male.

  21. dr

    Wow, the girl’s are gonna grow up and see this pic and know without a doubt, yes dad is a millionaire and yes he actually did buy all our toys at the dollar store as we suspected.

  22. So has he actually chopped anyone to death with an axe yet or is he just trying to look the part?

  23. sc4play

    Did anyone else see the box behind Ben and think it said ‘Big Jugs’ ? Or was that just me??

  24. Ravi Sethna Ramalamadingdong

    If the Willis girls grew beards like that they might not look half bad.

  25. Contusion

    “What’s that on your head? A WIG!!!!” – Fred Schneider

  26. tlmck

    Nice grouping.

  27. MoonBeam

    oh. his jacket. the sleeves are so short.

  28. CK

    Someone’s about to bounce a check…

  29. me

    I scared, he looks like a sexual predator…and at a kids store?

  30. sc4play

    Ok, maybe I’m just way behind the times. But I just figured out what Ben’s problem is: Jennifer Garner is PREGNANT AGAIN!! Poor Ben is so depressed because he’s being cock-blocked by a new street urchin Jennifer hopes is ANOTHER girl!! Won’t THAT be funnsies!!

  31. That’s not a beard, it’s Matt Damon’s shadow

  32. Oh hey… is Ben joining Death Cab for Cutie? I guess Affleck is a hipster now.

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