1. “Lucy’s right. Of all the difficult browns in the world, you’re the difficult browniest.”

  2. karlito

    amazing sweat shirt for someone who called the Pope evil. she used to be good looking to back in the day. now with that haircut she looks like a twenty-something boy

  3. M

    Jesus can keep her.

  4. Charlie Hodge

    …and he can keep her.

  5. ozmosis

    Don’t wear a Jesus shirt now, it’s too late. He remembers what you did to the Pope’s picture on SNL. Burn baby burn. For eternity.

    • Bartok

      Are you kidding/ She’s done more for humanity than the fucking “Pope” has ever done, certainly for the victims of abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church. And when are assholes like you going to wake up and realize that, if there IS a Jesus or ever WAS a Jesus, he’s about the furthest thing in the universe from the fucking pathetic POPE. What she did on SNL was awesome. She’s a screwed up chick, but at least she’s trying. Go fuck yourself and fuck the fucking Pope. Only absolute morons believe that guy is even remotely close to God: one of the most evil institutions in recorded history.

  6. Cock Dr

    Has she killed and eaten that poor shmuck she dragged to the Vegas marriage alter?

  7. Those Mexicans sure are possessive of their bald women.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Apart from the fact she’s getting married about twice a year and has made herself the semi official spokeswoman for buggery where do people get the idea she’s mad?

  9. She looks like ET with lymphoma.

  10. “Aye, laddy, what can difficult brown do for ye?”

  11. That dude looks like he just got buttfucked.

  12. slappy magoo

    Sometimes I doubt her commitment to Sparkle Vision…

  13. Boy George always creeps me out.

  14. Johnny P!

    The Irish Wal-Marts have the funnest grey hoodies!
    “Take A Bite ‘o’ Me Arse!”, “I’m The Pot ‘o’ Gold Yer Lookin’ For!”, “I Drink Me Weight In Guinness!”, “Property of Jesus”, the list goes on… why can’t we get these gems?

  15. Jim Norton looks like shit.

  16. Still a more convincing man that Chaz Bono…

  17. Doctor Joystick

    And her panties read, “Property of (your name here)”.

  18. chikaty

    we get it Sinead, the tattoo proved your point, you did not need a sweatshirt too

  19. pumpkin

    Wow. Didn’t realize the Son of God was into anal…

  20. Contusion

    I just talked to Tim Tebow and he said Jesus wants his sweatshirt back.

  21. Codot

    “I’m not with her.” -Jesus

  22. Jesus should get a refund.

  23. cc

    A woman who can singlehandedly induce a wave of impotence.

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