1. LegMan

    Attention K-Mart shoppers…

  2. userofalltrades

    “I guess that wasn’t just a fart…”

  3. So she got up this morning and decided to look like Ivana Trump?

  4. “I can’t believe this sells the bukake videos right next to the Totoro dolls.”

  5. luciddreamer

    The paparazzi try to get her attention, but she does not like to hollar back.

  6. Johnny P!

    I spent 3 hours getting made up and doing my hair before appearing in public, and suddenly, I remembered something… something… something…
    Was it about current relevance? Something…

  7. Jill Ess

    This looks more like a wax statue than the wax statue did.

    • zing

      yeah, my belief is your wax statue can only look like the real you if you’re plastic enough.
      and she looks pretty plasticky, tbh.

  8. There is nothing so profoundly depressing as driving 45 minutes to the nearest Sanrio Superstore and then finding out they are out of Keroppi.

  9. Buddy the Elf

    “Another holiday season with that MetroSexual Pillow Biter of mine…”

  10. Don’t make eye-contact with Affleck, don’t make eye-contact…

  11. tlmck

    Someone get the jumper cables. She stopped again.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Whew! The little people are really smelly today.

  13. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    You mean that’s not Madonna?

  14. cc

    Those Energizer Lithium batteries are a bit of a let down. She didn’t even make it home.

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