1. Christina Aguilera

    Leave me alone, these leggings are the only thing I own that currently fits!!

  2. Is she trying to outdo Reese with the whole moose knuckle thing???

  3. karlito

    what the fuck happened to her? she used to be so gorgeous. now she looks like a homeless woman who lives in the garbage bin outside a Macdonalds.

  4. M

    And that is one party I don’t want an invite too.

  5. slippinx12

    Don’t even talk to her until she’s had her morning gravy frappuccino

  6. userofalltrades

    It just goes to show that slurping seamen on mass is more slimming than wine.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    As your doctor I’m obliged to ask – have you considered heroin?

  8. Starting on the WB in January – Fatty and the Hipster.

  9. BAHAH

    Christina, leggings don’t look good on you, jeggings don’t look good on you, jeans don’t look good on you, dresses don’t look good on you, sweats don’t look good on you…

    Just stay indoors for now on.

  10. Venom

    Weight Watchers, it’s not just for Jessica Simpson…

  11. Anonny

    what is with all the fat celebs atm?

  12. Christina needs to quit The Voice and head to The Biggest Loser.

  13. me

    i dint know you could have a side-camel-toe…..she showed me!

  14. Seriously, Christina, just break down and buy some fat pants.

  15. He could eat no fat, and she could eat no lean….

  16. Just RJ

    “All I wanted was some freaking breakfast and this heifer stole it right off of my plate.”

  17. zing

    Seriously? Those pants AGAIN!?!?!

  18. Hey, that dude’s lawn gnome shaves its twat!

  19. tito

    she’s a hair-dye away from literally being snooki.

  20. puddleduck

    Her ass looks like a fucking sack of door knobs.

  21. That mooseknuckle is well on its way to swelling into a fearsome undergut.

  22. pumpkin

    She’s packing more heat between her legs than he is.

  23. chikaty

    From waist down she looks like a fatter version of a Ken doll

  24. Slavvy

    It looks like Snooki went blond.

  25. tlmck

    I think it’s nice she helps retarded people cross the street.

  26. MoonBeam

    I can only imagine what those leggings must smell like at the end of the day. yuk.

  27. Codot

    That’s not a camel toe… that’s the whole fucking camel.

  28. cc

    I guess the layers of blubber aren’t enough to keep her warm.

  29. Scully

    That dude looks like her ex and David Arquette had a baby.

  30. Scully

    What’s in the cup? Butter.

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