1. “No, no – not a Rocky sequel. I’m thinking Old Dogs 2!”

  2. Cock Dr

    “And don’t forget to shove the cucumber down the front of the pants before we go out…..I saw a guy with a camera out there”.

  3. M

    Grumpy Old Men III

  4. Quite possibly the gayest jeans I’ve ever seen on a man.

  5. Venom

    To the guy on the right, give your grandson back his jeans.

  6. slappy magoo

    Wow, the guys from American Pie really let themselves go.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    TIL that there really is a Hair Club for Men

  8. Senor Trout

    They’re smiling because Bonaduce just grabbed both of their asses.

    • In a world where three friends come together to rescue a friend from a nursing home in the fight of his life against Alzheimers. Starring: Sylvester Stalone, Jim Carrey, Dennis Quaid, and Seth Meyers.

      Rocky XIV

      Spring 2012

  9. “You’re right. These glasses do make us look like idiots.”

  10. Did you link this from Perez Hilton? That other guy’s jeans are MS Painted all over.

  11. Cover up the green skin, take the bolts out of his neck, and he looks like a new guy.

  12. The joaker

    Rocky VII: Rock Hardier.

  13. Ryan Dunn

    “Coach Paterno, I’ll just take you by the arm up to the podium and McQueary here will explain everything.”

  14. Sly’s friend might not be a cut-up, but his pants certainly are.

  15. Contusion

    “HAHAHA…Oh Sly, you’ve got me in stitches!!!”

  16. Jill

    No one wants to see Rocky getting Ghaddafi-ed by his creepy uncle.

  17. roy s

    joking aside, don’t forget the dude is 65. He’s 65.

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