1. Cock Dr

    Leather pants + shapely buttocks = enslaved celebrity website bloggers.

  2. M

    Looking more like Mom every day…

  3. sprub

    Cover her in cooked elbow macaroni and marinara sauce and you’ve got one hell of a MILFaroni !

  4. BAHAH

    I think she’s pretty, but…Sometimes I think she has a mouse/chipmunk face?

  5. Jesus, she looks like Christina Applegate without a bra on.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    if your chest plate displays like a Klingon forehead, it’s time to eat more

  7. cc

    Doin’ ‘The Funky Vagina’.

  8. Hey, a nipple. Sorry, just a bone spur on her sternum.

  9. George Burdell

    I hope Santa bring the baby a better car seat this year.

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