1. Cock Dr

    There’s the new boyfriend. She’ll ride him for a few years before she gets tired of it.

  2. it had to be said

    “You’re pretty. Remember when that guy got the blowjob from the ugly black hooker? I do. You’re pretty.”

  3. It’s Shane WARNE, dammit! If you are going to feature one of the greatest spin bowlers and douche-holios of our time, at least spell his name right.

  4. The Brown Streak

    “Oh my God, you have eyes?”

  5. hbw

    She thinks he’s listening to her, but really his eyes can’t see below his nose.

  6. “When does Jennifer Love Hewitt want her dress back?”

  7. squishy

    His pants look very happy to see her!!

  8. Venom

    This guy looks like the ultimate douche and I am pretty certain that his face does not move.

  9. Totally doable. Her, not him. Fuck you.

  10. Uncle Phil

    I’ve never wanted to be an random, over-tanned douche more than I do right now.

  11. “OK, check it out…I’m talking to you while making total eye contact. I am looking right at your eyes. So back off a bit…at NO time have my eyes strayed from your face downward to your ample cleavage where you are showing your large, natural, milky-white breasts with skin as soft as a baby’s butt, your supple nipples like two luscious, ripe plums, straining at the seam of your lacy white…”

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