1. jorge

    Home… home is where you wear your hat… I feel so breakup, I wanna go home.

  2. Contusion

    Looks like he fucked up his teeth so he’d fit in with the locals.

  3. B&WMinstrel

    Twenty? Twenty miles per hour? Everyone on board is going to die of suffocation!

  4. Definitely has the look of a football fan.

  5. zomgbie


  6. Jerkposter

    Damn, hes a liverpool supported, hes going to be dissapointed for a VERY long time, they should have him that liverpool fc is midtable club now..

  7. “Myth busted!”

  8. sam


  9. Wolverine: The Twilight Years …

  10. Sorry. This man can do no wrong.

  11. Swearin

    After the match, he’ll resume his quest to slay Moby Dick

  12. EricLr

    Look John, we told you that we’ve already cast Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer this year. Sulking about it won’t help.

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