1. Contusion

    You know, I wasn’t sure if she’s pregnant or not, but then I saw that she is holding her hand down around her giant belly, giving the celebrity photo signal for “pregnant.”

  2. it had to be said

    Bill Clinton is lurking in the area, isn’t he?

  3. We get it lady. You’re pregnant. Congatu-fucking-lations. Shouldn’t you be on bed rest or something?

  4. She never should have gotten into the transporter pod with Kim Kardashian…or at least they both should have faced the same direction.

  5. Some one Kardassiand her stomach.

  6. “Goddamnit, I fucking TOLD her not to eat that whole platter of Buffalo wings.”

  7. Phoenix

    She’s gonna blow!
    (She SHOULD have blown, 8 and a half months back!)

  8. EricLr

    Good Christ, no one get near her with a pin!

  9. Lou Braccant

    …at the My Face (looks like I need to take a shit) My Body (looks like I definitely need to take a shit) Awards

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