1. it had to be said

    She’s with Eddie? Check her for a cock.

  2. Tron

    He’s banging that?! I’m depressed now.

  3. B&WMinstrel

    Is she the one who wrote Fifty Shades Of Grey?

  4. Would you trust a woman with the last name Butcher?

    I was going to make a nasty joke here but couldn’t bring myself to post it. Sorry, it’s too fucked up.

  5. zomgbie

    shes kinky.
    likes her man with a butt plug.

  6. Michael

    Eddie Murphy: One Night Only? Is he doing a stand-up special that I wasn’t privy to? Maybe he can get back in the game!

  7. jman

    Wearing a bra for an A cup? That dress will hold them just fine (and you’d upstage Eddie).

  8. Inner Retard

    You just know what Eddie’s thinking: Hey Seal, how do you like them apples?

  9. Mike Hunt

    “Gettin me sum white trim”

  10. Yeap, those are straight man nails.

  11. tlmck

    Paige is still seething because that other bitch wound up with George Clooney.

  12. mbcl

    Paige Butcher and acting butcher.

  13. j/k

    Keep it together Eddie we don’t need another child on another continent.

  14. EricLr

    Man, that Axel Foley can con his way into anything.

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