1. Billy Barty, Jr.

    Need a rag on a stick to clean out that ass

  2. Mike Hunt

    Two words ” Ass Smegma”

  3. Athr

    Too sexy…

  4. Contusion

    someone pooped their leather diaper dress again.

  5. cabora

    at least it’s not see through

  6. bobthebob

    huh….for a second there I thought this was some new fangled IMAX screen.

  7. bdog821

    High heels equipped with Monroematics

  8. it had to be said

    It’s going to take Kanye all night to get that thing back off.

  9. Tron

    Let me guess…ummm…Jennifer Lopez? No? Oh wait…I know…MOOOOOOO!

  10. dude

    anyone else look at this and smell a port-a-potty?

  11. suck it

    Is she growing back tits for ratings? I see a nip.

  12. I hope there’s no canary in the room when that thing comes off.

  13. Cock Dr

    The hide holocaust continues.

  14. rantatonne

    Reports now coming in, that NASA has found a new planet. The planet is theorized to be composed of 1% soul, 2 % talent and a dead, core of 97% Bull-shit. Travel there is said to be infinitely longer than could possibly be worth it.

  15. Mr. Poop

    Looks like they put the cow in sausage casing before they slaughtered it.

  16. Kardashian Kouch pleather slipcover.

  17. popwilleatitself

    Everyday. She is photographed in public everyday. When will it end?

  18. MFer

    She’s looking… dumpy.

  19. “Hello, parking department? I don’t know if this is a joke or what, but one of your people just stuck a violation down my dress for taking up two spaces.”

  20. Inner Retard

    She heard a sound. A sound she knew all too well. A popped stitch. Then another…

  21. Grizzilicious

    I can’t help but think there’s some kind of nanotechnology holding that together.

  22. Fuggaduggabuck!

    That’s no moon…

    Yes, actually. It is.

  23. Urvag

    This picture is confusing the hell out of me….a large ass and a nipple on her shoulder blade….wtf?

  24. kimmykimkim

    Fuckin’ fat.

  25. tlmck


  26. lawn

    That could be anybody. . . no, damn it, it can’t!

  27. Mumra

    Are we sure that’s not actually HER skin?

  28. She’s not ALL bad…


  29. Jentilly

    They should have put her into one of the New York subway tunnels to keep the water out. Gives new meaning to butt plug

  30. She needs to stop wearing hefty bags.

  31. rican

    Cow on cow is just not cool.

  32. She actually needs more cowhide than a typical cow provides. The ratio of Kardass to cow is approx 1 : 1.2

  33. hijkmno

    i just don’t get it. she has made a gazillion dollars based solely on how she looks, naked or otherwise, and she can’t control her consumption enough to prevent cellulite on her calves?

    word to the wise, pretty girl, fucking isn’t exercise and lazy women do not age well.

  34. farrellthib

    I see Oprahs black leather couch has been delivered

  35. William Mc Clintock

    ” that a Great Big Ass ! And you want put your head all the way up it !”
    Al Pacino , Heat

  36. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Heh. Rrrip…

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