1. it had to be said

    “Mr. Baldwin, we have your ex-wife on the phone!”

  2. Tron

    “Can you believe I’ve gotta answer questions from Fox News? Damn it!!”

  3. Must have spotted a rude, thoughtless little pig.

  4. Dude from Fox is wondering whether he has the balls to ask Alec a question. Answer: no he doesn’t. He’s from Fox.

    • “That is a handsome-looking man,” the Fox correspondent thought to himself. “If only my overlords would let me interview him. If only he were on our side.”

  5. He must be an INCREDIBLE actor…all of his characters seem happy.

  6. Ronaldo

    Whats he angry about now?

  7. Bigalkie

    Mr. Warmth

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Someone is trying to stop him from playing Words With Friends!

  9. The Pope

    Alec Baldwin (rightfully) refuses to even look at anywone wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt.

  10. AFI, or Film Actor’s Guild?

  11. tlmck

    Getting into character for his later game of “Angry Birds”.

  12. journalschism

    Young ass can only cool off a hothead for so long.

  13. “Hmmm…The Rise Of The Guardians…that’s funny. My wife calls my pecker “The Guardian.”

  14. EricLr

    I will fuck you up! I can do 20 push-ups, motherfucker!

  15. edamame

    Still fuckable, and I’d play Words With Friends with him all day long.
    Wonder if “god complex” is a playable phrase?

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