1. Max

    More like a half-baked lay.

  2. Wow! I thought this was Sara Underwood before I looked closer. That’s a either a very good thing for her or a horrifying thing for Sara Underwood.

  3. Calm down everyone, she just confused the crinkly texture of a chip bag for Doug Hutchison’s face.

  4. chicka

    Courtney Slobben … all over my chips! ugh!

  5. bobthebob

    why does anyone care about her again?

  6. Baked Lays…is that supposed to be ironic?

  7. The Royal Penis

    I’ve seen rats nibble on cheese more seductively than this.

  8. it had to be said

    Probably not the first time her lay is going to end up on her breasts . . .

  9. InkyBlack

    True fact, that bag of chips has less artificial additives in it than she has.

  10. If only she’d been having Funyuns–a new steamy euphemism could have been added to the lexicon.

  11. Jow Blow

    Damn…. I used to like BBQ Baked Lays….

  12. catapostrophe

    Maybe she’s developmentally disabled.

  13. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an adult available to open the bag for her, so poor Courtney went hungry!

  14. Inner Retard

    I just don’t think Lay’s will bite at this PR opportunity like you think Courtney. Better cancel that Bentley order.

  15. rantatonne

    Since her brain and bust have a similar content to filler ratio as that bag of chips, I wonder if kissing her would leave an artificial taste in your mouth you’d get from eating them.

  16. angerinside

    They’re salty and in bag form, so of course she stuck them in her mouth the moment a camera came out.

  17. Tron

    This is actually the cleanest thing she’s had between her teeth in a long time.

  18. Sheppy

    I dislike her.

  19. Deacon Jones

    holy shit, she looks hot as hell in this pic

  20. ThisWillHurt

    “We do not endorse slutty teenagers.” – A representative of the Lays Corperation

  21. Buddy The Elf

    She looks nastier than ever.
    And so we are clear, I dont mean the HOT nasty, I mean the disgusting Roseanne Barr nasty.

  22. DavyT

    “Getting baked on the way back home, before Douglas ‘Lay’s’ me… #yuk!”

  23. I always figured her Lays would be “dead fish.”

  24. tom

    There must be someone doing the PR on Twitter for her because I don’t think she is capable of writing much less reading.

  25. Happy_Evil_Dude

    What, no “sexily slashing the potato sac”? *sheds tear* she’s growing up so fast!

  26. yup

    Shame on her parents for real. What a tragedy.

  27. achilles wrath

    Those are called ‘walkers’ in the uk, not lays. Not that anyone will care lol

  28. Burt

    So, she’s baked all the time…As if we couldn’t tell.

  29. Jack Ketch

    So let me get this straight, this stupid cunt expects us, like Kim Kardashain, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan, to believe she’s had no plastic surgery ? She just visited another plastic surgeon publicy to get him to say she’s all-natural. How stupid does she think we are ? That nose is the result of at least 2 rhinoplasties. Go home, little girl, you cheap liar.

    • bored

      Really Jack? Her nose looks huge as shit in this photo! If you’re gonna call her out for plastic surgery at least go for the undeniable, her fake ass tits.

      • Everyone already knows the tits are fake, and she went on Dr. Drew to prove everyone “wrong” on that, too. It’s getting old, this “I’m all-natural bullshit.”

  30. anonym

    never noticed that she had a long ass nose.

  31. Urvag

    Man am I hungry for a snack (puts on hooker bra…10lbs of makeup…gets phone ready to take 500 pics). Ok, pass me the chips!

  32. kimmykimkim

    Whoa! What the fuck? Did she pay for that nose? Cuz, damn.

  33. Jade

    Honey, Lays has taste, and they’re not going to hire you as some kind of spokeschild.

  34. “Hello-o-o, boys-s-s. When it comes to either me or Lay’s potato chips, I’ll bet you can’t eat just one! Tee-hee-heee…”

  35. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Much like the contents of that Lay’s bag, her head is mostly air.

  36. Crackity

    She’s 18 now. None of the sexual innuendo is even remotely shocking anymore now that she’s legal.

  37. mfb

    anyone who wouldn’t bang her is either gay or a chick….

  38. EricLr

    Even though she had a Happy Meal at lunch, sometimes you have to give her a snack at about 3 or she gets cranky.

  39. Bronson Pinchot's Hair

    Who the hell is this ugly person?

  40. Jim Jones

    She’s starting to look like that Heidi Montag chick. Yikes.

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