1. That is one leathery looking lesbian…

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Yes, this one. The one wit the soft, womanly hands velvet tongue.
    Chain her to my bedpost tonight. Make sure she is clean and shaved.”

  3. JimBB

    Someone needs to break it to the guy on the left that you can’t look tough and cool when the guy you’re flashing gang signs next to is Justin Bieber.

  4. I heard he was caught with hookers, but I had no idea they’d look like this.

  5. Taking reparations into his own hands, DJ Tay sold Bieber to the sheik for 430 million dollars. As refusing would mean disagreeing with a black person and putting his self-appointed hood pass in jeopardy, Bieber went along.

  6. meeps!

    Samantha Ronson finally looks like a girl!

  7. “So, we do the interview segment, then we dance at the end? Run this shit by me again.”

  8. cc

    ‘…and he washed his hands, he washed his hands in Purell, he washed them in Palmolive, he washed them like he’d never washed them before.’

  9. Inner Retard

    Lady Gaga called. She wants her look back including the dick.

  10. “Of course I can get you into this party. Please step out onto the Lohan balcony.”

  11. Joe Blow

    Why are they shaking hands with Sarah Jessica Parker?

  12. Mike Walker

    At first glance, LeAnn Rimes came to mind.

  13. Echo5

    From Left to Right: Black, Hack and Iraq

  14. lawn

    Biebs actually looks pretty good for someone who now has billions of spirochetes rampaging through his internal organs.

  15. CK

    “Interracial Two Men and a Little Lady”?
    I smell a hit!

  16. Since when did Nabisco make a douche and maple flavored Oreo?

  17. Cool cross necklace with the cool outfit.

  18. So now the little poop pusher is wearing a leather shirt this time.

  19. Oh, he was spotted with THESE Brazilian prostitutes. Now it makes sense.

  20. Vladimir

    Pink finally lost the baby weight..looking good.

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