1. Cock Dr

    Maybe the Miss Brazil Buttcheeks photo series will serve up more chuckles.

  2. Wow, she’s been flabbing it up lately. Too much traveling, ya bitch!

  3. Her bikini bottoms are almost lost for ever..

  4. Jennifer, i don’t dig you, you always overdid it.

  5. Andie

    A handsome white Jesus floating by on a jetpack would complement this photograph nicely.

  6. The fine line between shadow and poop-stain.

  7. Echo5

    Not a fan of the face but would lay a gravy train on the rest

  8. After the photo of Kate Beckinsale she looks positively hammy.

  9. Nice ass. It’s no Kate Beckinsale, but still great.

  10. I thought squats just toned legs, not shortened them.

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