1. Ahh her good side…

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Nice smile!

  3. Eva was so nervous. Of course she was. Trying out for the FameWhoreLympics was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The panel of Kardashians judging the tryouts were famous for their hatred of dignity or shame of any kind, and were merciless in their judgements.

    Eva had worked hard to remove these impediments from her life. She had a short lived marriage to a basketball player that ended in scandal and that she sold to the tabloids for as long as she could. She had fought with co-stars and co-workers alike on every project she was involved in. She was much more famous for being famous now than for any kind of talent she possessed. She could only hope it was enough.

  4. Joe Blow

    Doesn’t the G String go on the inside?

  5. “Mr. Penn, Does George Hamilton approve of you stealing his look?”

  6. Eva Longoria, parker.

  7. fairly decent ass, for an elderly whore.

  8. Skeeter

    She’s pushing 40 but I’d still gladly eat & bang her asshole.

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