1. Pickle Nose

    God, he looks dirty. I feel like he just reeks of Right Guard.

  2. JimBB

    He was so great on Breaking Bad.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Clay Aiken, Hugh Jackman, a Jonas Brother, and now Jeremy Renner.

    I’m feeling like there’s a connection here… I wonder what it is?

  4. I love this guy.

  5. donkeylicks

    A lot of actors claim to not like getting typecast, its good to see that Jeremy has embraced his fame for what it is and accepted the role of Green Arrow in Superman vs Batman.

  6. Allion

    Has he got thinner? And younger?

  7. Swearin

    Coming soon, the Colonel Sanders biopic nobody asked for.

  8. His eyes seem to be drifting further and further apart…

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