1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you stay single if you are a celebrity.

    If that soul-sucking bag of bones wasn’t with him, he could have banged that bitch that day

  2. Wow, this picture just screams man-whore.

  3. JimBB

    Which do I choose? I choose the whore in the middle who’s TRYING TO STEAL MY HUSBAND, WHO I STOLE MYSELF!

  4. I need to drive on over to the John Varvatos store in Malibu to do what Eddie was too married to do.

  5. AnnaD.

    Looks like she’s silently comparing ass sizes with that woman.

  6. cc

    Holy shit

  7. cc

    I can just see the store manager at the end of the month….’Hmmm, sales are up 300%.’

  8. crb

    Cibrian’s new girlfriend in 3, 2, 1…

  9. Inner Retard

    - I don’t like it, Eddie!
    - Why? It’d look great on me, LeAnn!
    - She has a better ass than me!

  10. Icehawg

    “I guess that colour’s okay….can I see a lighter gray? Oh, and I *will* cut you.”

  11. Hey Leann, you’re looking awfully chubby. I mean look at that hot girl next to Eddie. Why I bet if you lost 50lbs you’d be hotter than that.

    Go on… diet just a little.

  12. martina

    Leann has a nice ass, but … Eddie is going to be doing that other woman up the ass if Leann looks away

  13. That chick is a definite step up from LeAnn.

  14. Dox

    Is it me, or is she slowly becoming a Pug?

  15. That’s the face of a wife that knows there’s a hotter chick in the room.

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