1. Enidaj

    Fuck you, Lady Gagya.

  2. Marilyn Manson wouldn’t fuck this. And that’s saying something.

  3. catapostrophe

    What happens when she breaks all the rules?

  4. I heard Marilyn Manson was on East Bound and Down, but he didn’t wear pants.

  5. “Look at me everyone! Look at what I’m doing! Look at what I’m doing now! LOOK AT ME!”

  6. meeps!


  7. One part Michael Jackson, plus one part Billy Jack, plus one part Jessica Pare = WTF.

  8. cc

    She personifies ‘desperate’.

  9. Joe Blow

    Uh… Halloween was several days ago, Ms. Ga.

  10. Inner Retard

    This is the most normal I’ve seen him in months. Wait, this isn’t Marilyn Manson?

  11. Pilin

    So natural, Stefani…..

  12. Pffft! That’s Steve Buscemi. Sillies!

  13. Lady Gaga, seen here being too lazy to even bother with a costume.

  14. I’ll admit it… this surprised me.

  15. Gingivitis is a bitch!

  16. Lady Puppetmaster?

  17. donkeylicks

    Poltergeist remake in full swing.

  18. Allion

    She is booooooring.

  19. RaymondFlattenburg

    Now that’s a career to be proud of. Famous for “not wearing pants” and “gluing hair onto boots.” Wow, so revolutionary. Totally encapsulates the frivolousness of celebrities, and points to how society (and especially our young) revere people for the most ludicrous of reasons. Because beneath all those all those layers of Styrofoam and feathers is a serious artist who churns out deep and meaningful hits like “pokerface.” My friends, Lady Gaga is a modern day Shakespeare.

    • RaymondFlattenburg

      In other words, real artists don’t need gimmicks.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        Real artists let their creations do the talking for them. When your art is a load of fucking bollocks, you need to do everything you can do draw attention AWAY from it.

  20. Justin Beiber needs to floss after blowing guys, his teeth are real bad this time.

  21. Death rides a shaky pretense.

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