1. So THAT’s how she keeps him from smelling any of her farts.

  2. He looks like a genius.
    And by that, I mean he looks like the thug from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons.

  3. No fucking idea who these people are.

  4. cc

    Why go incognito Agassi?

  5. Mike Walker

    You’ll get rape… and like it.

  6. So – the walk of shame is wide enough for two…

  7. A rape advocacy event by any other name…

  8. crb

    So I was at this Henny Youngman show and he goes, “Rape my wife; -please!”

  9. donkeylicks

    So what you’re saying is basically I need love handles to love like an Englishman and no emotions or the ability to at least repress/shut down those emotions while I rape my partner to love like an Italian?

  10. gumbypokey

    Has this guy heard of a quadricep?

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