1. “The BLACK Kim KarTRASHian”

    Just another fake plastic ho that loves looking in the mirror at HERSELF..

  2. several hours later, the stench clung heavily to the air, and the whole are had to be cordoned off.

  3. She paid more for the ass than for the clothes, jewelry and hair.

  4. cc

    Does this fucking women do anything but post shit to Instagram? Fuck off.

  5. CrotchSniffer

    It must take forever for her to wipe her ass.

  6. Inner Retard

    All these chains can’t hold her ass.

  7. mki

    What’s with the ready to squat and take a caca pose? How is this considered sexy?

  8. And yet, she has “fans”. Shame on her, for taking advantage of people with diminished mental capacity.

  9. As long as she craps one out like a ferret in a corner.

  10. Somebody call Aretha Franklin – her 1967 hit single came to life

  11. Oh my god. She’s perfect. Look at that ass.

  12. This picture smells like unwashed crack.

  13. gigi

    uh… the Ladies’ room is this way Ms. Minaj…..

  14. WONDERFUL, now I can’t get the imagine of Nicki Minaj pinching out a loaf in the corner of her closet out of my head. Cannot be unseen.

  15. Voice of Reisling

    She’s doing the Najah Davenport.

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