1. Satan's bitch

    Jay-sus Kee-rist Almighty, Fish! Scared the shit outta me.

  2. That’s a little intense. What? Does he have one of those extra sets of teeth like the Alien monster?

  3. He’s eating his appetizer, which is a handful of leaves and some bark from the tree in the picture.

  4. cc

    Have to hand it to him…I used to have to drink a lot after a heavy duty bender, but I never had the stomach for that much food. He’s quite a drinking pro.

  5. Four drinks at breakfast? No wonder why he’s shit-faced.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel


  7. Is he eating a salad…or using a fork to gag reflex up some lettuce that he accidentally ate? The latter is something I can at least respect.

  8. Contusion

    I didn’t realize Home Alone 4 was filming.

  9. gigi

    I dunno… it’s still kinda hot… wonder what else he does with such fervor lol

  10. rough tested, mother (dis) approve

    Next frame. Jeff Probst.

  11. Am I supposed to find him to be gross in this picture? Somehow, I don’t. I think my deep love for Gerard can’t really be killed off by anything.

  12. lori

    I’m watching him right now in Law Abiding Citizen. Disgusting. Horrible actor.

  13. Dinosaurland

    He eats with the appetite of a much younger alcoholic.

  14. Motorboat Captain


  15. KC


  16. Veronica

    5 years ago, I would have eaten his Scottish arse for breakfast. Call it ‘the Aniston effect’, but now he’s no more attractive than John Meyer.

  17. I hope someone is keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t accidentally (or otherwise) inhale a small child.

  18. tlmck

    Rehearsing for his role in “Jerry Sandusky: The early years”.

  19. stratacat

    I count 10 drinks on that table. At least 4 of them alcoholic. i think i’m in love.

  20. Steelerchick

    Kinda reminds me of a caveman.

  21. AnnaDraconida

    Why does it look like eating’s extremely painful for him?

  22. Jillia

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…

  23. squishy

    Jeez…looks like he is shoveling in small machine parts!!

  24. Contusion


  25. me

    this is sparta!

  26. Waffhose

    hes eating a hummingbird

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