1. Butternuts

    That motherfucker stole half my beard!

  2. Ok seriously, that beard looks like someone dyed wool cotton black, dipped it n glue and threw it at him…

  3. Contusion

    It’s Patchy the Clown.

  4. SMB

    “Homeless don’t play that.”

  5. it had to be said

    Tyson has really deflated. Must be on his way to visit the pigeons.

  6. cc

    More precisely, he’s in the LA neighborhood known as ‘oblivion’.

  7. I think they call this beard a “Clavin.”

  8. So does he shave like that or does his beard just grow in looking like a Mississippi sharecropper?

  9. jaded

    Looks like Gary from Team America World Police after his terroristectomy

  10. rough tested, mother (dis) approve

    Non casual; But yet a stout dislike to neckties. I never got that trend from L.A.’s subculture.

  11. Sad Panda

    Oh no, someone gorilla masked Jamie Foxx!

  12. Michelle

    Proof that facial hair is just fuckin ugly.

  13. Venom

    Looking for his kid that that bitch Connie Britton stole from him.

  14. Kat

    Is he standing behind that homeless guy?

  15. Is he touring with Ben Harper now?

  16. Homeland eat your heart out.

  17. Jucy Lucy

    I got these cheeseburgers, maaaaan.

  18. Mouse

    Valmorphication complete. It totally worked!!

  19. “In today’s Celebrity News, Jamie Fox, having recently fallen on hard times, was eighty-sixed from the soup kitchen for insisting he is entitled to a second helping of lard.”

  20. bigbyte

    Standing outside the foodstamp place in LA. “How to get mo money frum da gub-mint.”

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