1. Scort

    Doing his best Cap’n Barbosa here or what?

  2. What is Patrick Schwarzenegger doing back there?

  3. “Be right back. The valet wouldn’t take my eyebrows as a tip.”

  4. sinner saint

    zippy it doo da, zippity day…my oh my gonna get drunk today….

  5. Never go full retard, Mickey.

  6. Deacon Jones

    I would love to party with this guy, I bet his stories are insane.

  7. “When I find that fuckin’ leprechaun I’m gonna cave in his fuckin’ skull. Runnin’ out on me like dat. I still got two more wishes!”

  8. your mom

    Jesus. Did someone steal his leg braces?? Cuz that’s just fucked up…

  9. Contusion

    You need a copy editor. I think that’s supposed to say Rooney, not Rourke.

  10. They feed the homeless stars wine in Beverly Hills.

  11. Contusion

    By the way, look at the douche with the gold chain that hangs out with him. How do you get to the point that you are Mickey Rourke’s yes man?

  12. cc

    Why is he so mad at Gerry Lee Lewis?

  13. Ever hear that joke where Mickey Rourke, Michael Lohan, the Schwarzenegger brothers and Abe Vigoda all go out to lunch, and Mickey orders the bottle of wine? Me either.

  14. gigi

    “…going home” [think Kramer in the Seinfeld episode with Mel Torme]

  15. jaded

    Looks like someone spotted their plastic surgeon…

  16. Not pictured: the bow of the ship.

  17. fupa

    Kathleen Turner used to be so hot.

  18. Codot


  19. Venom

    Are those his fancy going out to dinner track pants?

  20. …and not a fuck was given that day…

  21. Mickey Rourke claims to be so tough he can beat himself to death with a bottle of wine…and he’s going to prove it. His plan for afterwards is to kill the guy in the green shirt, too.

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