1. Forehead tattoos are always a good sign of sanity.

  2. Any Guy

    can we just push her back into whatever tattoo/white power/opium den she crawled out of (to fuck someone’s husband)? yet another reason to HATE that douche Jesse James. thanks asshole. now this nazi-trainwreck is on the D-list radar thanks to you and your lack of good taste in whores.


  4. Cock Dr


  5. cc

    Somewhere a circus is missing its skank.

  6. your mom

    I wouldn’t even fuck her mouth without a condom. *shudder*

    Is that a germ disclaimer on her face? “Warning: may induce itching, swelling & overall yuckiness”

  7. I was totally expecting “Daddy Didn’t Love Me” on her forehead.

  8. Minky Wail

    I’m thinking her daddy probably had a pretty good reason for not loving her enough as a child.

  9. it had to be said

    “Sexpo?” Really? Because I could not be further from aroused right now. Looking at her is like reading a shitty comic book.

  10. I know what teardrop tattoos are supposed to signify, but what do the stars around her eyes represent? Venereal diseases?

  11. Contusion

    The beauty of that forehead tattoo is that, if her hairline gets any higher, she can just add to the tattoo to hide the empty space.

  12. This picture came up in a stock photo search for the term “attention whore”.

  13. At least she didn’t wast $10,000+ dollars of tattoo money on something stupid, like an education.

  14. Kitty

    her forehead is just so large!! i mean that’s a big tattoo it’s so shocking she fit it on there!

  15. jaded

    “The key to my heart is always attached to a white supremacist. I’m talking about a penis, you know, like it’s a key? Did you get that? I know, I’m very subtle”

  16. hbw

    I would totally stick my knife in her.

  17. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You know what would be a really good team building event?
    Make everyone get a tattoo on their forehead.
    Two equally qualified candidates? Who’ll put our logo on their neck?
    -The Master of H.R.

  18. the futurist

    if u think that looks bad now…

  19. Contusion

    This chick is so hideous, even Herman Cain wouldn’t do her. For 13 years.

  20. Venom

    A forehead tatoo, just in case people could not figure out she was a total fucking loser before.

  21. I wouldn’t put my peener in the same zip code as that.

  22. KC

    This is why you never look on the other side of the glory hole.

  23. Charlie Hodge

    Somewhere there’s a douche missing its cunt.

  24. I’d still do her. she’d be a lot of fun to abuse

  25. fattymcgee

    This chick is like herpes; whenever you think she’s gone, she pops up again at the most inopportune time.

  26. gumption

    what does her forehead tatoo read? I can’t believe someone would do this to themselves. She is deeply disturbed.

  27. Samantha

    If i had that many awful tattoos i would totes magotes throw one of waldo in there. Also i would kill myself.

  28. Oz Matters

    Must admit, I have slept in as well and found out that my kids have been having fun with me and their crayons.

  29. Dr Ha-Ha

    When you see this, you automatically wonder “What was she thinking?”, but then you quickly realise, nothing capable of thought could make such a decision. Therefore all she has achieved is to warn any onlookers from a distance that no higher cognitive processes reside within.

  30. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has finally earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. She has been thrown out of more trailer parks than anyone else in history, for being too skanky.

  31. Jesse James just came.

  32. AnnaDraconida

    30 years from now she’s gonna look like a crumpled magazine sheet

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