1. “See? Over there…mediocrity.”

  2. Ravi Sethna Ramalamadingdong

    WTF? The kids are wearing shorts and she looks like she is dressed for the Antarctic.

  3. Airing in the summer,” Kate Plus Two Shop At Target”

  4. “Right there… That’s where I killed #9… Now, you wanna keep whining?”

  5. Fortunately for the kids, they look a lot like their Dad.

  6. cc

    She’s humming ’10 Little Indians’.

  7. your mom

    You two had better act like normal rich girls, or you’ll be in that mini-van like those losers over there.

  8. Kate had a Target coupon for “Bring 2 leave 6 home”

  9. “Mark my words, someday THAT store will have a coupon for stripper heels, and my transition will be complete.”

  10. Was this picture taken before or after her job with the coupon people? Here she looks normal. In the pictures for the coupon crap thing she looks like Horsey Rimes.

  11. Swearin

    “Now that’s TMZ over there, you stay away from them. US Weekly is okay as long as we control the story, but if you EVER see E! around here, you run to them and do anything they tell you to do, understood?!”

  12. Venom

    Guarantee that she is trying to figure out a way to make them do her job at the Coupon Cabin.

  13. Westcoastin

    The boobs are coming in nicely

  14. little turtle head

    See told you honey! Our 15 minutes of fame aren’t up yet!

  15. “OK, so how about we take that one? We’ve always wanted a convertible.”

  16. Jada Pinkett adopted some white kids apparently.

  17. tlmck

    “No cameras allowed unless you have cash up front.”

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