1. Nice tit sling, Oprah

  2. Satan's bitch

    Girlfriend says “MMM-hm!” (snap)

  3. Deacon Jones

    You fat fuck..(OOPS), er, I mean, you GO GURL!

  4. Any Guy

    that looks like KING Latifah to me. ‘Latifah’ meaning ‘FAT ASS’ in Swahili.

  5. Jesus, she looks like an overweight chimp.

  6. cc

    Looking for a motorcycle with A LOT of torque.

  7. I heard if you put peanut butter in a cows mouth, it’s really funny…these two have disproven that theory.

  8. The photographer just got served with two snaps up in Latifah formation.

  9. Frank Burns

    I didn’t know Latifah had two heads.

  10. “Snatch and food put me in a good mood.”

  11. philio

    Sabathia looks like he has gained a few pounds in the off season

  12. ri

    THAT IS THE FATTEST new york yankees logo I have ever seen.

  13. The Duke

    Fanny pack: she’s doing it wrong.

  14. Oz Matters

    I still think she can win Wimbledon.

  15. She lost me when she had breast reduction surgery!

  16. Fergie

    Now I can see why she’s no longer one of the Weight Watcher spokesmen. They must have kicked him out in a New York minute.

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