1. Soup

    Jonah shows off his philanthropy by donating his extra weight to Ellen Pompeo.

  2. Single-handedly, he’s trying to bring back stone washed denim jackets.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Listen, I know you’re ugly as fuck but give me a break. You’re rolling around at night with this chick? She looks like she’s been molested nightly since she was 4.


    • Any Guy

      just because you suck at a game, don’t cry on our thread about it. MW3 is awesome.

      btw – how can you not love a chick who’s face looks like a can of crisco AND wears socks over her clogs? that’s prime ‘used to be fat guy’ poon for JH.

      • Deacon Jones

        You’re talking to the king of COD here (im not proud to admit that at my age) and that game fucking sucks. And I loved MW2. Super tight maps with no space and too many crossfires.

      • At least it looks like she has nice legs. From this angle, anyway.

      • ShootUrFace

        Another run and gun noob trying to be the bad ass on MW3! Guess what douch, getting a kill by shooting someone in the back when you spawn behind them is not skill! Try BF3 if you want to know what fun is!

    • Well, DJ, I have a few years on you and I ain’t too shabby at CoD; not fond of MW3 though. Then again, I’m usually out in the World…of Warcraft.

      • Jared

        SHUT UP! DEAR LORD, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Did you dudes really just argue about video games on a gossip blog comments section of a photo of Jonah Hill? And for way too fucking long. Just, go hang your head in the corner or something.

  4. MRF

    “All she got was him.” The true-life story of the unhappiest starfucker ever.

  5. Nice jean jacket douche.

  6. Still can’t stand that hairdo. I just keep waiting for him to show up at a Hitler Youth rally…

  7. It looks like sorrow came to life and then just settled.

  8. mags

    Haley Joel Osment’s got some legs on him.

  9. Cock Dr

    What the fuck is she wearing on her feet?

  10. your mom

    Win a Date with Jonah Hill!!! OMG we’re totally gonna fall in love just like in that one movie with spiderman…

  11. Canadian Tuxedo FTW!

  12. Contusion

    He may be wearing a stone wash denim jacket, but hers actually has a Planet Hollywood logo on it…probably because he just picked her up from work and she hasn’t changed yet.

  13. cc

    A Planet Hollywood denim jacket? Who the fuck still wears those?

  14. tlmck

    I bet they have great sex once the paper bags are in place.

  15. Suddenly, going to prom with her older cousin didn’t seem so cool after all.

  16. gigi

    whoa this chick’s looking mighty mail order eastern blockish… from some small horny village in Belarus perhaps?

  17. poop

    he’s one butt-ugly jew…just like his whole gang of em u see everywhere on tv and shit…sick of them ugky bastards…. fucking loser nerds.

    • Venom

      Can I buy you a drink? I am so sick of that fucking no talent product of nepotism crew. Stinking up and polluting TV.

  18. jaded

    I believe George Alexander’s character in “Shallow Hal” described this as “ugly duckling syndrome” He got all fit and in shape, but he still thinks he can only wear walmart denver hayes collection and bang damaged women.

  19. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The world’s two skinniest fat people

  20. Contusion

    Surely with that hair he’s just in the middle of production on The George Halas story.

  21. Venom

    Holy shit she is all sorts of fugly.

  22. Helena Handbasket

    Well, it’s nice to know she’s able to find work in this bad economy.

  23. Blech

    It’s like Walmart turned them away on Black Friday.

  24. fattymcgee

    I REALLY hope that chick is a left over from BEFORE he got his stomach stapled, Other wise… ugh. That’s a worse choice then the denim.

  25. dekansnowman

    So he’s fucking Haley Joel Osment now?

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