1. MisterSuccint

    If “Fuga de Cerebros” translates as “Fuck the Brain”
    then the Hoff is cast perfectly.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I dont know how this guy stays sober traveling all over the world.

    I would be shitfaced 24/7

  3. “Yes, I had a mani AND a pedi!”

  4. cc

    ‘Fuga de Cerebros 2′

    Fudge Brain 2?

  5. “So then I told him I’d gladly pay him TUESDAY for a cheeseburger today, but he gave me this t-shirt and asked me to leave.”

  6. “Nah, thanks for the offer ladies, but I only do dudes.”

  7. “Okay, I’ve had a few drinks and I’m going to just throw this out there…I think you look like Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing the bandage dress.”

  8. tlmck

    OD’ed on Viagra, so he needed a strategically placed T-shirt.

  9. Sin

    Veggie burger?!? Oh Hell no!

  10. Bob

    Did no one read my appearance rider? I said “burgers”, not “bitches”. Dammit!!

  11. Blech

    His breath seems really bad.

  12. “OK, then how about the t-shirt plus five dollars just for the two of you to get naked?”

  13. Brooke

    “Sweet Big Mac! I can’t find her cleavage!!”

  14. DiddyK

    So then I hits the horn and I sez, KITT! Gimmie some bitches! n Sammiches! Bitches n Sammiches! hahaha…. funny right? That KITT… *sigh*

    So… where’s my sammiches bitches?

  15. Steelerchick

    Now I know you didn’t say Cheeseburgers!! Oh no you ditn’t !!

  16. =0

    It litterally means Brains Drained up 2!
    I think it’s a comedy about dumbasses

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