1. Chris

    The luckiest man in the world… and the unluckiest woman in the world.

    • GeorgeWBush

      This would be true if the guy wasn’t flaming gay

    • GeorgeWBush

      Hot pink speedos……thats way gay….wouldn’t be surprised if it was a thong too.

      I’ll have to take your word for it that “he is one man that IS NOT gay”, but you’re going to have to explain to me why British guys always come off as a little to girly

      I would imagine this guys Carrot Top’s doubleganger

  2. Ravi Sethna Ramalamadingdong

    What’s with the Ugg boots?

  3. Deacon Jones

    Who the fuck is Leigh Francis?

    She looks thrilled.

  4. Could somebody please tell me where the main guy is that invented Twitter so I can go down and beat the shit out of him?

  5. This is an obvious ploy to promote the new rape whistles he has coming out.

  6. cc

    I hope that’s as close as they will ever get, and that it last only about 2 seconds.

  7. Are they bringing Swingtown back to TV? Because that’s the only explanation for this picture.

  8. What. The. Fuck.

  9. I think this was the only way he could convince the court he does not prefer to lure little boys into his basement.

  10. DeucePickle

    I see the new Baywatch porno is cumming out soon.

  11. Jesus, Fish, I know this pic is SFW, but couldn’t you have pink-starred the Ugg? Or the shark’s tooth? Or the Speedo? Or the glasses? Or the bedspread? Or the paneling? Or his chest ‘hair’? A guy needs some kind of warning when he’s about to encounter the most disgusting photograph ever taken.

  12. I remember when I had to drape an old bedsheet over my basement bedroom window too. Don’t recall ever having chicks that hot in there…but then we didn’t have roofies back in those days.

  13. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

  14. chinto

    That’s one realistic looking blowup doll

  15. poop

    is that a futon?

  16. That sucks, man. Kelly Brook was being photographed in my parent’s basement, and they didn’t even call me.

  17. Arzach

    The guy is doing something I’d kill to do

  18. fur burger

    Propa BO

  19. Miss_MishMash

    The Fish finally gets his girl

  20. Kelly: “This wanker smells like June in a men’s locker room.”

  21. tlmck

    I did not realize she was blind.

  22. Elf

    Who the hell gave Kelly Brooks a role in “Beauty and the Beast?”

  23. LJ

    If she’ll do that, there’s still hope for me.

  24. Amelinda

    My dogs have nicer looking beds.

  25. Alice

    He’s wearing socks.
    Rule number one, Ladies, don’t ever sleep with a guy until you’ve seen his naked feet. They will tell you a lot about him and if they gross you out, well, then you know no matter how drunk you get, don’t do it. You’ll really regret in in the morning and for the rest of your entire life. You might even get PTSD from seeing them.

  26. Steelerchick

    English Porn??

  27. squishy

    Hmmmmm…how the mighty have fallen part II

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