1. Don’t look behind you, a sister wife is checking you out!

  2. Tiger

    The cheese sits alone.

  3. booya

    I hope 47% of this ride doesn’t work

  4. Aww, Billy No Mates couldn’t even get the front seat.

  5. … and THAT’S how he styles his hair…

  6. Yobub

    There is no reason someone should look exactly the same riding a ride at an amusement park as they do campaigning for present.

    Doesn’t this man own a t-shirt?

  7. Frank Burns

    Once again, no blacks or Latinos are along for the ride.

  8. His son definitely has something wrong with him. This pic seals the deal.

  9. This is fitting, because Frontierland is basically what Mitt Romney wanted to take us back to. All that’s missing are the horses and bayonets.

  10. MRF

    It is a rare occasion, something few will ever experience, to be at the birth of a wonderful new meme. And without further ado, I give you: Sad Keanu and Happy Romney.

  11. Cock Dr

    Who’s this?
    Oh yeah, that Mormon guy.

  12. BW.Min.strel

    So now he wants Prince Charles’ job

  13. Jay

    Heh. I have to give him credit, Willard really does look like he’s having fun with the grandkids, he’s not a good enough actor to fake that smile! But the hair, OMG: “I met Mitt Romney drinkin’ a Pina Colada at Trader Sam’s… And his hair was perfect.”

    A virgin Pina Colada, of course. :-)

    The Plaid behind him just wants it all over with: “Damn, last week I had Johnny Depp and his kids, now this!”

  14. I thought Disneyland was for winners?

  15. Bobbie


  16. bigalkie

    The Family Dog sits on the roof of the conductors cab.

  17. jezzer

    “You think this is fun, son, just wait ’til you run your first reverse train.”

  18. zomgbie


  19. “This ride is a little bumpy. Shouldn’t we have some Chinamen fix the railway?”

  20. Nice of him to let the 47%-er that cleans his (closest) house come along for the ride.

  21. bbiowa

    Disneyland…an alternate reality almost as carefully crafted as Fox’s poll numbers.

  22. contusion

    It’s all downhill from here, Mitt.

  23. Is his hair made by LEGO? Hurricane Sandy couldn’t move that thing.

  24. Phoenix

    Mtt, you just lost the 2012 presidential election! What are you going to do now?!

  25. He might buy the place.

  26. He brought his Mormon maid. That was nice of him.

  27. tapster

    It’s all downhill from here on

  28. Schmidtler

    OMG!!! Romney pumps his own gas, and now we find out he also RIDES ROLLERCOASTERS!!!!! Sheesh, thanks all you Obama supporters – to think we almost elected this maniac president! We really dodged a bullet there!

  29. He’s riding “US Economy”, the new out of control thrill ride!

  30. Mr Romney, You just spent $750 million on a failed presidential campaign. What are you going to do now?

    Romney: I’m going to Disneyland!

  31. There he is. The devil himself.

    Note that he spent none of his own $200 Million on his failed presidential campaign. He spent $750 Million of someone else’s money. Fortunately, the American public were smart enough to fire him.

  32. That chick behind him in the plaid jumper is all that’s left of his Secret Service detail.

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