1. Rchard Harrow

    ” the sea was angry that day , like and old man sending back soup that was too cold , my friends “

    • DeucePickle

      “The sea was angry that day, my friends…like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.”

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    He always seems like he just pooped, is pooping, or is ready to poop… but why can’t it be all three?

  3. EricLr

    Fonsie jacket? Check.

    Catheter in? Check.

    Bitches hatin’ on me? Check.

  4. Frank Burns

    Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.
    Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
    Saturday, What a day,
    Groovin’ all week with you.

  5. “You talkin’ to me?”

  6. [img][/img]
    Don’t feed this fuck after midnight…

  7. Mike701

    dey couldn’ gets us a limo my preciouss? Trixie hobbitses!

  8. Deacon Jones

    “$3.00 for a fucking poppy bagel?!”

  9. BW.Min.strel

    Teenage Methuselah

  10. John Riley

    When did Stephen Hawkings get out of his chair?!

  11. Looks like the biology students got drunk and dressed up the skeleton.

  12. Senor Trout

    Sporting a jacket from the Members Only Geritol collection.

  13. I’m going to roll a cleric. We will be ok.

  14. pff

    “I’m sexy and I know it”

  15. mbcl

    “Damn you bran flakes…. Damn you to hell !!”

  16. Willie Ketchum

    “Yeah , the leather jacket does make me look cool … I could buy you and sell you in a minute .. damn right I’m cool … I’m important damn you !”

  17. I’d make a Beavis & Butthead noise/quote if I knew any. he looks just like one of ‘em right?

  18. “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man. No time for talk.”

  19. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns in Fonzies jacket.

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