1. Black Mr. Peanut would diddle her keyboard.

  2. Rchard Harrow

    no one wants to see the old dry gulch anymore . Pack it up and go home

  3. Frank Burns

    Madonna’s tour is the only one in history where the wardrobe crew travels with a crowbar and a hazardous materials bin.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    I think I can see her hysterectomy.

  5. Kegels are working well… that used to be a dress.

  6. mismy

    I am scowling at you right now Photo Boy.

  7. He’s gonna need a crowbar to prise that one out of her cheese toastie…

  8. MisterSuccint

    PLEASE don’t post the shot from behind.

  9. EricLr

    I’ll never forget that dark day when terrorists attacked that corset–killing several dancers nearby in the resulting pressure release, deflating arm veins, exposing sagging tits and wrinkles everywhere, children crying for their mothers….NEVER FORGET!

  10. Whatever results from that camera should be locked away in the Ark of the Covenant…mankind is not ready to see it.

    Just look close, Mr Peanut is being sly about it.

  11. your mom

    ohgod, ohgod, ohgod…. I used the zoom feature. What the hell is wrong with me???

  12. bethy

    She’s bracing herself during the battery change.

  13. Jeremy

    In pictures like these, there’s always a black guy in the background playing the piano while Madonna’s uterus caves in on itself.

  14. Baron Samedi, Voodoo Master of the Dead, is pleased with his latest work.

  15. BW.Min.strel

    I’ll never look at a turkey the same way again

  16. Cock Dr

    You have to give the woman credit for carrying on with the show while in that condition.

  17. meeps!

    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpy together again.

  18. Jones

    I’m sorry, this is during the show?

  19. Chris

    I’d make that face too if my underwear was trying to saw me in two.

  20. bigalkie

    Wow, Another insane, delusional asshole with a microphone.

  21. spasmo

    Somebody call the fire dept. There is clearly a photographer who needs the jaws of life to get the rest of him out.

  22. zomgbie


  23. jezzer

    Even Cher finds this pathetic.

  24. Her ladyparts seem to be hungry, and I am suddenly not.

  25. bbiowa

    Labia Gomorrah.

  26. Fruity McBackupdancer is trying to pull-start her two-stroke 50cc Briggs & Stratton girdle.

  27. Anderson Pooper

    Is this a Medicare-approved procedure? If not, I’ll bet an AARP Medicare Supplement could help.

  28. contusion

    I don’t think you’ve got enough material, girl.

  29. Bionic_Crouton

    “Don’t just stand there mocking me you pack of homos!… CUT ME OUT OF THIS THING!”

  30. That’s one hell of a front wedgie.

  31. For her next party trick she gives birth to her new boyfriend, then creates a song called Your Penis Came Out Of Me, Then It Came In Me.

  32. She has a camel granny.

  33. What’s truly said is if you’re over 25, you have fapped to her. At some point.

  34. If her crotch is eating her bottoms, imagine what it does to cock.

  35. Ronaldo

    Never stops being disturbing.

  36. The “Sex” book actually just called in to apologize.

  37. You can go ahead and go if you want to, but I’m staying for the rest of the show. I hear a bit later we get to watch Madonna get a pelvic exam.

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