1. Sure, he wears one and he’s called refined… I grow one and I get put on a watch list…

  2. Isn’t that the guy that farted an alien out of his ass?

  3. bethy

    His mustache and eyebrows have no soul.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Is John Waters making a new film?

  5. The Pope

    “You’re the sausage king of Chicago?”

  6. cagster

    Definitely a face that wants to blow up ‘murica.

  7. Ruth

    I know Movember is almost over, but can we get some real ‘staches? I’ll take a Tom Selleck.

  8. bbiowa

    He’d make a great Ginger Joker.

  9. Phoenix

    A formal dirty sanchez.

  10. Looks like he ate a pack of Cheetos and didn’t wipe his mouth.

  11. mbcl

    “The name’s Bond, Ginger Bond”

  12. “This drives Kelly Ripa crazy!”

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