1. EricLr

    If I have to tell you again that I’m not doing the sunglasses thing, one of us is leaving here with a limp–and it ain’t gonna be me, pal.

  2. YAAR

    So he’s playing Pennywise in the “IT” remake?

  3. “You know what they say about actors… no pain… no Ro…gaine.”

  4. And he’s still fucking reading his cues from the card on the floor!

  5. Deacon Jones

    “This ugly mug……got a little less…hairier….”

  6. BW.Min.strel

    Come on. That’s an instagram of a dollar bill

  7. The Pope

    I just don’t understand Cynthia Nixon’s appeal.

  8. “The only difference between the coin purse in my arm and the one in my pocket is…the one in my arm hasn’t been shaved.”


  9. Dr.J.Fever

    Long way from NYPD

  10. bigalkie

    The World’s Worst Actor gives us the handsfree sunglass tilt.

  11. (•_•)
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

  12. bbiowa

    Love child of William H Macy and Ronald McDonald.

  13. CSI FAN

    What, he’s not posing…. he’s always posing.

  14. contusion

    What a Bozo.

  15. He’s either the methodest mofo ever or hahaaa – no wait, I can’t do this.

  16. WTF is with the clutch?

  17. Every time someone’s yells YEEEEEEEEAAH, I pull another stomach muscle. xD

  18. “I guess my work here is done. I must leave because it’s time for me to go…

    ♫ ♪ YEEEEEEEEAAH…♫ ♪

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