1. Ike Turner

    Happy 73rd birthday, Tina!

  2. Mock her all you want, folks, but she’s still a lot more fun to ride than the one Mitt Romney’s on.

  3. Nothing says class like mustache stubble and a cell phone stuffed in your bra

  4. I’m calling it here. Let’s setup a “celebrity” match between this beast and that hog-man Kardashian sister. You know the one – with the sasquatch body and the face you want to punch like Chris Brown caught texting some whore.

  5. Anderson Pooper

    How does this guy not get a TSA pat-down? There’s definitely some questionable gene smuggling going on here.

  6. SIN

    I thought the big, hairy animals had to fly in a cage under the passengers,

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    She is so rich, she even bought a cell phone for her tits.

  8. Spartacus

    Jeez, Lenny Kravitz has let himself go!

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