1. Rchard Harrow

    Latin name : Gluteus Preposterous Maximus

  2. George P Burdell

    The only view Kayne cares about.

  3. YAAR

    How many animals had to die to make those pants?

  4. mismy

    Well, now that she’s not hot to anyone with functioning eyes, suppose she’ll go away?

  5. Fucking hell, I bet the guys at NASA are dying to know what those are made out of

  6. Her ass in those pants are the equivalent of dry ice in a plastic bottle of water.

    It’s not a matter of will it explode, but when…and the waiting is the hardest part.

  7. your mom

    Things must be getting tough at Kamp Kardashian if the ban on butt shots has been lifted.

  8. Until her Carbon Fiber pants come in, leather is the only thing holding back the avalanche of aggressive cellulite (that’s what we’re calling this now, right?)

  9. ThisWillHurt

    Ever play Bust-A-Move?

  10. Since she’s always wearing scuba diver pants, why isn’t she ever scuba diving?

  11. Cock Dr

    I hope that the photographer got some sort of hazard pay for this one.

  12. Jack Ketch

    Gross. Yep. Gross.

  13. If there was a dent in the left butt cheek, it could blow up Alderaan.

  14. icu

    Seriously? People really find that attractive? When people say so-n-so is butt-ugly, well, now you know what they mean. God, could you imagine the stench slowly rolling outta there as she removes those things?Horrid!

  15. KtothaJ

    I think all that anal has impregnated her ass.

  16. SS109


  17. Anderson Pooper

    That’s no moon; it’s a space station. A Death Star – with a fatal weakness in the garbage chute.

  18. contusion

    Holy cow!

  19. Jade

    Holy fuck that is NOT attractive.

  20. Phoenix


  21. Bionic_Crouton

    The escalator stopped and they are all waiting for the rescue team.

  22. Chiara

    hahahhahahhahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Is her dignity somewhere trapped in her huge ass???????????????

  23. Those look hot.

    As in, “Swamp-ass” hot.

  24. It’s in very poor taste for a cow to wear leather.

  25. tlmck

    Even losers need someone to look up to.

  26. Ronaldo

    Can no body tell this woman that leather pants dont look good on her????

  27. This swamp donkey is fucking ridiculous.


  28. There is a visible stain, right in the poop chute area. And now I will stick my face in a vat of bleach, eyes wide open.

  29. ManRay

    Elephantiasis…its the only explaination.

  30. Spartacus


  31. Second Floor – Housewares, Linens, Women’s Steel-Belted Foundation Garments

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