1. Rchard Harrow

    Looks like Brown already jizzed on her . Man , how do you get Chris Brown jizz off?

    • I know we’re all shocked that Rihanna’s reaction to seeing a camera is to take her clothes off.

      Ok Rihanna, you’re going to be on the cover of a national magazine, what image do you want to portray to the world? “Check out my tittays yo!!”

    • Mike Hunt

      Who wants to follow where Brown has left his genetic blueprint ? Really? you know his douchyness would “rub” off on you , don’t you ?

      • Carl Spackler

        It sure isn’t “where no man has gone before ” More like where the entire population of Barbados has gone before + Chris Brown and his strangeness+ couple thousand of guys while she was on tour .
        Do yourself a favor- where two condoms, and wash yourself off in kerosene afterwards , then take a dive into a pool of bleach.

      • DeWayne Johnson

        Best to bathe in kerosene , then dive into a pool of bleach. You should then lounge in hydrogen peroxide for a period of two hours

    • Willie Ketchum

      She’s nearly ready for Chris to shit in her retina

    • DeWayne Johnson

      Sticky like spider jizz

    • Otis Sprewell

      Not to mention the entire NBA and Amalgamated Musicians Union

  2. It’s amazing what they can do with photoshop…. Not a single bruise… or shred of dignity…

  3. What a coincidence… punching bags are made of leather too.

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    You just know her next tattoo is a bull’s-eye around her eyes.

  5. Salad Face

    It’s like Total Recall with more butt sex.

    Explains why the remake bombed.


    *crazy british Britney Spears voice* “I’m over it, I’M FUCKING OVER IT, I’M FUCKING OVER !!!!!”

  7. There’s a face only a mother could shit on. Wait, that’s not how that saying goes…

  8. contusion

    And then the photographer didn’t say, “I have a great idea that you’ve probably never done before…partially topless with one hand covering your boob.”

  9. As a person who lives in a Caribbean country, I must say I see some of the worst traits of our women in her.

    I’ve lost all interest in her. I only keep commenting because it’s funny to remind people that Chris Brown beat the shit out of her and she willingly went back to him. Comedy gold!

  10. YTBOY

    Awesome Beauty.

  11. Queen Pecas

    Is that the number of times Chris Brown has beaten her tattooed on her shoulder?

  12. Geez, that guy’s a psycho! I mean, how hard do you have to beat someone to actually bruise their hair?

  13. Strictly from a physical viewpoint, I see her as fairly sexy and attractive. But then, I’ve never met her, or listened to any of her music, or gotten a blowjob from her…so I could, actually be wrong.

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