1. The science is weird, indeed.

  2. Damn. I remember when she was the masturbatory muse for my adolescence. Kelly helped me crust up a lot of socks.

  3. alex


  4. i have no snark here, only sorrow.

  5. Awww, man. Don’t do that.

  6. If you’d seen Steven Seagal naked, you’d comfort eat too.

  7. The Pope

    Further proof that this site needs an age limit.

  8. no no no no no no no…….NO

  9. HardlyFatal

    Cheek implants. Before these, she was older-looking, yes, but still recognizably herself. Now she looks like someone else entirely.

  10. Coitus Uranus

    Pay attention Audrey O’Day, this is you in twenty years.

  11. Curse you TIME! Why must you shit on everything I once loved…well, loved in the physical sense of thinking about it while I touched myself in the shower.

  12. gary coleman's ghost

    Is there any way; any way possible, to punch Father Time in the nuts?

  13. fap

    Plastic surgery is the new snake oil.

  14. The best excuse for inventing a time machine ever

  15. See what happens, when you forget to hook up the doll, AND wear Kim Kardashian’s bra on your head!

  16. Minky Wail

    “Don’t hate me because I’m hideous.”

  17. This reminds me of when I googled Mitzi Kapture of “Silk Stalkings” fame. Sob!

  18. I thought it said Kelly Brook and started to cry.

  19. crb

    Who’s Shirley Muldowney?

    -She won the Drag Race.

  20. I assume this is the male equivalent to how us ladies felt when we saw the first pics of Val Kilmer post-Batman.

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