1. Dox

    In other news, a rash of naked chinchilla’s was reported in Peru this month, authorities are still baffled.

  2. Cock Dr

    She looks alert. This isn’t the cow you wanna try to tip over today.

  3. He’s going to keep whispering “Take the shot” into the collar of that coat in the hopes that one day the Sniper Fairy will visit.

  4. I thought I’d never feel an ounce of pity for that man until I realized he’s probably been downwind from a few of her titanic farts…. Ok, pity is gone now…

  5. I’d make a Batfink joke here, but no one’s going to get it :(

  6. Oh good thing Kanye covered his mouth. I could barely recognize him. Idiot.

  7. I guess when she farts the combination of the gas, left over fecal matter and steaming ass juices is as bad as I suspected it would be.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Can you guess which of these two alerted the paparazzi?

  9. Its so obvious how much these two love each other.

  10. Kim! You been hangin with that Joanna Krupa girl? Goddamn yo pussy stinkin too!

  11. The Pope

    He makes her walk in front of him now in case there’s any low signs waiting to attack.

  12. catapostrophe

    I wonder which of them is worse.

  13. Robb7

    He’s finally realized that ass is gonna blow any minute now!

  14. Pilin

    “Damn, another stinky ninja fart”…..!

  15. Kim let go a fart in the limo that lingered the entire ride over.

  16. fred

    “I’m tellin y’all. Ain’t nobody but Yeezus think to make a coat out of black Amex cards and courvoisier labels with an extra big right collar so you can pull it up over your face like Blatman (that’s Black Batman y’all-another one of my creations!) when you walkin down the street wit yo ho and the papps try to sneak up on yo shit. No. Body.”

  17. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? These two, that’s who.

  18. LLBL

    He just got a whiff of a cow pie.

  19. Even Kanye is embarrassed to be seen with her.

  20. Blacula and the Ho – In Theaters January 3

  21. Someone cashed in their courtesy sniff.

  22. Canudigit

    It’s Count Blackula …….ready to suck the life (or what’s left of it) out of her!!

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