1. Dox

    What the fuck is on her forehead?
    That’s been bugging me for like… years.

  2. This was the saddest thing to watch last night.

  3. I always kind of liked Chilli, but they looked about as interested in doing that 15 year old choreography as the rest of us watching.

  4. Flatliner

    Let me guess, Destiny’s Child on steriods?

  5. catapostrophe

    I foresee at least two inexplicable house fires happening any time now.

  6. I like the woman they picked to replace Left Eye. I wish them even further success.

  7. blerg

    These are not the awards you’re looking for.

  8. T-Boz appears to be aging about as well as a loaf of bread

  9. Lou Braccant

    The new one looks like a wet troll doll, same nose and all

  10. They can’t pull off that look anymore.

  11. And they are famous for, err, what?

  12. My bad. This is the worst Solid Gold Dancers reunion ever.

  13. It all makes sense now. Chilli is a succubus who keeps her youthful appearance by draining the life force out of T-Boz.

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