1. Dox

    “He pee’s on me first!”
    “No ME!”
    “Ladies, ladies…. Both of you are over 18. Not interested.”

  2. Flatliner

    Hey, who knew a black dick could come with a set of while nuts?

  3. “No way! I love little girls too!”

  4. “And then he peed all over me, and say fuck Ray J I did it first” – GaGa

    “No way, will he do me next?” -T. Swift

  5. cc

    ‘I fucked your boyfriend, write a song about that!’

  6. “And during our performance, we cross swords and touch tips.”


  7. “I write vindictive songs about my ex-boyfriends.”
    “I write songs about my obsession with fame.”
    ” I pee on children.”

  8. “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.”

  9. Gaga: I just wanted to tell you, Taylor, I really admire the way you’ve taken the overt sexuality of modern pop culture and gone completely in the other direction. Your music and image are like the anti-Viagra.

    Taylor: Thanks. I know it must be hard to find things to keep sticking in your ass and vag so people will look at you. I wanted to base my career on talent. But shock value is great too.

    R.Kelly: This is awkward.

  10. TWO people in this photo have a functioning penis. It won’t surprise you a bit to know which one doesn’t have one.

  11. He’s a rapist and child molester.

  12. kitdom

    Lady Gaga: So the waiter asks my date if he’s old enough to drink…and get this…HE IS!

  13. Teddy

    Why are we sitting in the negro section Ca-Ca?

  14. ‘What is the sound of two donkeys braying?’

  15. Wow a Golden Chocolate Oreo.

  16. Worst Solid Gold Dancers reunion ever.

  17. Funny how it’s the ugly (well uglier) one that is the better singer.

  18. And after that transformative night, R Kelly left the music industry and returned to the church.

  19. JC

    Lady Gaga: “You can’t look 15 and open your mouth wide next to R.Kelly.”
    Taylor Swift: *shocked face
    R. Kelly: *sings “I can’t be held responsible.”

  20. diegoga

    -”I have AIDS!”
    -”ME TOO!”

  21. Auto-tuned public facial expressions. I knew it would come to this.

  22. “My bad T-Swift…girl calm down. I’ll be cool, I just thought you were 16…sheesh”

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