1. Dox

    “Nope. Still cant smell her though the trunk.”

  2. “Goddamn it Joanna, I can smell your stinky pussy all the way back her in the engine bay”

  3. JPC

    “Mmmm, Cameron Diaz was here recently.”

  4. Who needs viagra when you have Ferrari exhaust.

  5. Flatliner

    What you don’t see is Lady Gaga pretending to be a cop behind him.

  6. “How YOU doin’?”

  7. I bet Michael Bay gets sick of this shit

  8. cc

    ‘If that fucker moves to Indochina I want a nigger in the engine bay of a Ferrari waiting to jump out at him’

  9. joe

    Special douchebag model: the exhaust smells like AXE.

  10. Shhh, shhh, my sweet. I’ll be back once Joanna falls asleep.

  11. Why is he face down on the damn car when he can be face down in Joanna Krupa’s crotch?

  12. j/k

    Do you smell something burning?

    Google “Ferrari 458 fires” to get the joke.

  13. I guess smelling cars is the hip new thing for people named after lettuce.

  14. PassingTrue

    You are choosing this over the bikini handstands? Something is seriously wrong with this boy.

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