1. Mr Poop

    Rich people who are fat should be killed.

    Have your personal chef make you some low-fat fucking twinkies, bitch

  2. The photographer is 6’4″

  3. your mom

    Proof that with the right bra, even wookies can have a great rack.

  4. Uncle Phil

    Cover the face, open the shirt. She’s starting to get it.

  5. Ma! The meatloaf! Fuck!

  6. Fat chicks who think they look hot has got to be one of the worst things in the world. There’s starving children, AIDS in Africa, Whatever is wrong with Cameron Diaz’s face, and self deluded fat chicks way out in front of all of them

  7. cp3

    Firecrotch Sasquatch

  8. Evil Dick Tater

    Before she looked like fat final days Elvis. This is a definite improvement… fat final days Elvis in a red wig. Bravo!

  9. duddlyDOwrong

    where the twinkies at?

  10. licialicia

    This chick just doesn’t look fat to me. Call me crazy.

  11. I think she looks great in this pic. Quite sexy. I’ve seen others, of course, that weren’t so complimentary, but this one ain’t too b-a-d.

  12. SIN

    Thats it. Hide the face and show the tits.

  13. Paparazzi is Messin’ with the Sasquatch.

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